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Molochny Mir

Molochny Mir is one of the leaders in the dairy industry in Belarus. The products of the Grodno producer are very popular both in Belarus and abroad. The volume of milk processing is about 250,000 tonnes per year. The secret to Molochny Mir's success is a focus on innovation, investment and marketing.

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Sweetmix is one of the largest distributors of marmalades and chewy sweets from the Czech Republic, Italy, France and other countries. Their products have adorned the sales halls of every major hypermarket in the country.

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Garadzenskiy Maontak Karobchytsy

Garadzenskiy Maontak Karobchytsy is a unique place for recreation. There are no other places like it in Belarus. Ancient manors, wildlife, horse riding, unbelievable meals, breathtaking views and royal luxury everywhere attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

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Gamma vkusa is a Belarusian producer of juices, nectars, fruit drinks, premade purees, canned products and baby food. The latter is marketed under the Neposeda brand name. spektr.digital has been promoting it since April 2020.

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Glassworks Neman

Neman is a brand well-known in Belarus and abroad. And in the post-Soviet space there are hardly any families who do not have and have not had a crystal of this glassworks. Neman is translucent, ringing, clean, premium and festive. These associations have become the mainstay of the @glassworksneman profile page, which we started working on in January 2019.

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