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Gamma vkusa is a Belarusian producer of juices, nectars, fruit drinks, premade purees, canned products and baby food. The latter is marketed under the Neposeda brand name. spektr.digital has been promoting it since April 2020.

Before our collaboration began, the @neposeda_by profile page had been dormant for exactly a year. The primary goal of spektr.digital was to reanimate the account and engage a new audience. The strategy and positioning were worked out in great detail. It was decided to create a kind of club of caring parents on the basis of @neposeda_by, where moms and dads can share tips, interesting information, and get useful materials on children's health and growth.


spektr.digital conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis, visited the manufacturing facility and talked to the target audience. Based on the collected material, the visual design of the profile began to be built. The profile page has become bright, interesting and extremely tasty.


To keep young moms, who are the ones most likely to choose baby food for their babies, began to dilute the theme of children with useful beauty and household tips and simple recipes. In addition, to increase the amount of time spent by users on the @neposeda_by profile page, we launched several extraordinary projects: finger games, expert advice on speech development, coloring books for kids, collections of movies and books for the whole family.

neposeda_by 11 сентября 2020 г.


Already after a few months of work, the client noted a significant increase in interest in the products at the retail facilities. And to strengthen this interest, a special project was launched - the history of the jar of puree from the sprout to the spoon. To emphasize the naturalness of the products, spektr.digital carried out major photography of the company's gardens, the entire production process, participated in the startup of the new packaging of fruit puree.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the client's willingness to conduct small lotteries products, to encourage their subscribers. In addition to this and the ongoing photo contests, it has allowed us to expand our audience and build a core of users who respond to every publication.


A huge amount of interesting and entertaining information for moms and babies is posted in stories. Surveys, user content, company news, tips on raising a baby, riddles and puzzles, mazes and other games for kids of different ages will keep moms coming back to this profile page several times a day.

Glassworks Neman

Неман – бренд, широко известный в Беларуси и за её пределами. А на постсоветском пространстве вряд ли найдутся семьи, у которых нет и не было хрусталя этого стеклозавода. Неман – это прозрачность, звон, чистота, премиальность и праздник. Эти ассоциации и стали опорой при продвижении аккаунта @glassworksneman, работу над которым мы начали в январе 2019 года.

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