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AzotChimFortis website design and development

Grodno Azot is well-known in Belarus. This local economic mainstay has long established itself in the market and has a good reputation. AzotChimFortis, a subsidiary of Grodno Azot, needed promotion. We started our collaboration by creating promotional videos and SMM. Later, it was decided to update the website.


Replace an outdated version of the website with a new one.


To emphasize the up-to-date character of the company, we used unusual solutions when creating the website.

Home page

The home page is a slider, which allows a sort of company presentation to be placed in the most prominent place. It immediately introduces users to the areas of company’s activity.

The website has a very unusual structure: it is designed as a full-screen slider. The animation on the right side of the screen also catches attention. And, screen-by-screen navigation has made it easy to switch blocks and is very harmonious with the design of the website.

Catalogue and product card

A corporate website with a catalogue was developed. By the way, the latter is navigated using side scrolling. This unusual method made it possible to put all types of products in a more interesting and compact way.

In addition, the product card is a gallery where the technical data is integrated seamlessly into the design.


The site was designed to be multi-lingual in order to attract part of the Western market.

The website is adaptive: it fits the size of any gadget. This is now more relevant than ever as most users use a smartphone to surf the internet.


The home page in the form of a presentation introduces the areas of activity. A slider is used.

The user-friendly catalogue is made using side scrolling. Each product card contains product photos, technical information and colour options.

The benefits, infographics and partner information are compactly integrated into the website design and create an emphasis on key information.

About the company: quality certificates and company news are posted. All photos and videos prepared by spektr.digital.

The Contact section contains all the necessary information and links to the client's social networks.

Hubert Trade website design and development

Компания Schridde — ведущий мировой производитель консервантов, специй и смесей специй для мясной промышленности – была основана в 1973 году. Хуберт Трейд - официальный представитель и дистрибьютор специй и смесей специй Schridde в Беларуси.

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