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HoldCargo website design and development

HoldCargo has quickly gained a leading position in the road transport market in the region.
Only highly qualified employees, optimal cargo delivery schemes, use of modern specialised vehicle fleet, minimum delivery time and correctly set up priorities in the market of road services helped this company achieve significant results and expand the geography of clients in a short period of time.
HoldCargo is a direct delivery operator using only its own transport and state-of-the-art monitoring and insurance technology.


To develop a brand new website that meets all the customer's needs.


The old website was in the form of a business card website with contact details only. spektr.digital developed an informative website for the client which is designed in a corporate style. In addition, the site became multi-lingual, which emphasised the prestige of this company.


A video production by spektr.digital was posted on the home page. Our team travelled specifically along the route of the heavy transport truck, while a drone carried out a large-scale filming.

By the way, the partnership with HoldCargo began with the video. The client was so pleased with the full version that he decided to upgrade the website.

A minimum of sample pages

The HoldCargo website now has 6 sections with up-to-date client information.

You can find out more about HoldCargo's fleet of vehicles, employees and geography by visiting the gallery.

Unusual functionality

An unusual trick was also used in the Services section - online ordering for delivery from a given location.

This section displays all the cars currently available and allows the user to make a delivery from the city where the car is available.

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