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Slonim meat processing plant website design and development

Slonim Meat Processing Plant is one of the leaders in the meat industry in Belarus. Its products are very popular in Belarus and beyond. Spektr.digital took on the client’s website in 2020. A layout was proposed using modern technology.


Complete update of the existing website.


The corporate website developed by spektr.digital for Slonim Meat Processing Plant differs from the existing versions of meat processing industry websites in its lightness and mobility. Delicious images and dynamically presented information do not overload the visitors. There is nothing superfluous on the website of Slonim Meat Processing Plant, just as there is nothing superfluous in its products.

Turnkey website

The most difficult item in creating a website is its design. Specialists at spektr.digital prepared all the images for Slonim Meat Processing Plant. This is incredibly convenient for the customer. One contractor solved all the issues related to the website.

A series of photoshoots were conducted with models and food stylists. In addition, all the promotional content was developed for the client.


The first version of the website layout on the home page emphasised mouse-parallax. This technique allowed the reader to be transported into the world of Slonim Meat Processing Plant products.

In the final layout, it was decided to place the photographs of real people to whom the readers can relate.


The product slider used on the home page proved to be a good technique for placing the main product categories. It looks interesting and incredibly tasty.

This kind of product catalogue has also made the site much lighter and perfectly fitting into its mobile version. By the way, the site is adaptive: it adapts easily to different gadgets.

Compare it with the old one?

The new website is completely different from the old version. All the information is easy to find in several sections.


Separate mention should be made of the launch of a newsletter on the website. This has caught on, and in the first month, more than 50 people subscribed to the Slonim Meat Processing Plant website.


The new website is multi-lingual. There is a version for partially sighted people (the site has increased contrast and fonts can be enlarged).


The main sections of the website were left unchanged. Such structure is clear and familiar to readers. It allows them to quickly find the information they need.

A separate section was dedicated to advertising materials about Slonim Meat Processing Plant. By the way, a special design was developed for this section based on the stylistics of their brand stores and the craft line of RESTAURAN AT HOME products. The main colour of this section is black, which once again confirms the high level of "POLONEZ" restaurant and visually separates it from the other sections of the website.


When working on the Slonim Meat Processing Plant website, spektr.digital took into account all the nuances, from security to SEO-oriented code. The website has been extensively optimised for textual information and key concepts, which has had a positive effect on its search engine ranking.

Since the first month of operation, the new site started attracting by a wide margin more targeted traffic. The success of the website was largely due to the client's integrated approach: SMM promotion was also launched by spektr.digital simultaneously with the launch of the new version of the Slonim Meat Processing Plant website.

Website design Garadzenskiy Maontak Karobchytsy

С этим клиентом spektr.digital работает больше года по SMM-продвижению и администрированию сайта. После запуска работы над аккаунтом @maentak.grodno возросло количество заинтересованных пользователей. Сам туристический комплекс тоже не стоит на месте: были оборудованы новые беседки для отдыха, расширен спектр оказываемых услуг. Существующая версия сайта просто не справляется с запросами пользователей и нуждается в редизайне. spektr.digital изнутри видя проблемы, предложил свой макет для этого сайта.

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