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Hubert Trade website design and development

The Schridde company - the world's leading manufacturer of preservatives, spices and seasoning mixes for the meat industry - was founded in 1973. Hubert Trade is the official representative and distributor of Schridde spices and seasoning mixes in Belarus.


Create a website for the new company.


Hubert Trade needed to promote itself quickly and effectively. Therefore, the decision was made to create a business card website. On the one hand, it would describe the company and, on the other hand, it would provide clear information about services and contacts.


The background colour was chosen to be white. And, that's no coincidence. It underlines the high quality of Hubert Trade's products on a practical level. And, the juicy images appeal to readers and whet their appetite.

However, the main feature of Hubert Trade's website design is the scroll parallax, which attracts attention and sets the visual separation of the content.
Hubert Trade has done everything to make the highest quality spices available to their customers, and spektr.digital has done everything to keep targeted traffic on this company's website. Adaptive website: it adapts without distortion to the size and orientation of the screens of different devices.

Slonim meat processing plant website design and development

Слонимский мясокомбинат – один из лидеров мясной отрасли Беларуси. Его продукция очень популярна на территории РБ и за её пределами. spektr.digital взялся за редизайн сайта весной 2020 года. Был предложен макет с использованием современных технологий.

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